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Hiding in the World
Eidolon Editions

"One of the open souls of poetry is swirled into these poems, and it is not so hidden. In fact, it is open-eyed and open-hearted. This gathering is like a retrospective extending from the unclosed shapes of the childhood poems to the shimmering of Hedgerows. These words move with delicacy at the edge of consciousness."

Michael McClure, author of Mule Kick Blues and Last Poems, among many others

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Family Stories
Deconstructed Artichoke Press

The prose poem memoirs of "Family Stories" have grown "for years from a few words you heard on a summer evening when you leaned sleepily against your mother's side" and tell of three generations from immigrant grandparents to the grandchildren who absorb these stories and create their own.

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Days Without (Sky)
Deconstructed Artichoke Press

Days Without (Sky): A Poem Tarot is a series of seventy-eight short prose poems written by Judith Serin with images of walks, home, and work. The poems explore pain and find delight despite it. 

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In this collection of short stories and a novella, Judith Serin writes a lyrical and sometimes surreal tour through the psyches of female characters who struggle with the traps society creates for women. With varying degrees of success, women escape these traps. 


"Your Family and the Siegels Visit Niagara Falls," Paterson Literary Review, forthcoming 2024


"Eyes of the Night," Phantom Kangaroo, forthcoming 2023

"Hands of a Snake," Swamp Ape Review, forthcoming 2022


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"Door to a Cloud," Phantom Kangaroo, 2021



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"Dream Geography Series, illustrated by Masami Inoue," Broad Street, 2017

"excerpt from Days of Sky," Eclectica, 2017

"Dear Sue," The Grief Diaries, 2017


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"excerpt from Days of Sky," Catamaran Literary Reader, winter 2016, vol. 4 issue 4


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"Conspirators," Fiction Attic Press, 2017


"Your Family Teaches Each Other How to Drive," Running with Water (2021, V Press LC)

"excerpt from Family Stories," Impact (June 27, 2012) and "Framed Photograph of Your Father," Reverie (December 20, 2013, Telling Our Stories Press), ed. Coco Harris.


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"Since I Fell for You," Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (1994, Crossing Press), ed. Amber Coverdale Sumrall

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