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"A phenomenal storyteller, Judith Serin delights with her humor, intelligence, and irreverence. A wonderful story collection."

—Jasmin Darznik, author of Song of a Captive Bird, The Good Daughter, and The Bohemians

"In stories that are ethereal and haunting, Judith Serin portrays the inner world of women who confront their desires and constraints. Imaginative, captivating, sensual, and fierce, Gravity invites you to know yourself as well as Serin knows her characters."

—Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of Real American: A Memoir, How to Raise an Adult, and Your Turn: How to Be an Adult

"Gravity is a book that grabs you from the first page and never lets go. The women who populate its seven stories brim with fierce energies and dark desires—for revenge, independence, connection, or forbidden sex. Pitch-perfect prose and unforgettable turns of phrase make this collection a master class in the art of visceral storytelling."

—Anita Amirrezvani, author of The Blood of Flowers and Equal of the Sun

"In this collection of fiction by Judith Serin, she explores the extraordinary inner lives of seemingly ordinary women. Serin finds the difficult truths in relationships between the sexes, words and feelings thought but never expressed. Her descriptions have a poet’s imagination and precision. These stories will surprise and enlighten, particularly the moving novella 'Gravity' that gives the collection its name."

—Zack Rogow, author of Irreverent Litanies and The Number Before Infinity

Watch Judith reading "Mail" from Gravity here
Read an interview with Judith here
Watch Judith reading "Something Cool" and "A Treasure" from Gravity here, in addition to talking about her writing. 
Note: her reading starts about 32 minutes in.
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